Recommendations For February 2022 Fashion

Recommendations For February 2022 Fashion

Recommendations For February 2022 Fashion

with the advent of the year 2022, as in many areas of life, trends are changing for February 2022 fashion. The fashion world has actually put forward the first lines of 2022 with events held months before, and has determined the concept of this year with its general lines. Spring 2022 themed products, which appeared at fashion events held in the last quarter of last year, especially in Milan, are gaining great popularity. February September March October have a separate place in the fashion world due to the fact that they are the transition periods of the seasons, just like September and October. Neither too thin summer products, nor thick winter products can have a dominant place in the clothing habits of this period. In accordance with the daily weather conditions and the predicted average values, products manufactured with the thickness and style appropriate for this transition process come to the fore during these periods. Can you keep up with the speed and instantaneous change of the modern world? Get ready to include the spring 2022 creation in your wardrobe that can keep up with the instant change and won't let you down in last-minute organizations. Stylish trench coats, coats, jackets and thin coats are waiting for you in Setre's spring creation..  








You can combine a blue jean shorts and brown boots with a spring-appropriate coat with a belt and plush details in ecru and beige colors included in Setre's creation. You can complement this stylish combination with a brown knitwear.

You can also complement the plush detailed coat with jean pants instead of jean shorts, and you can complete your combination with a dark brown handbag and mirror glasses.

Spring Chic with Dresses and Long Boots

If you are going to attend a special evening invitation; you can choose a black mini jacket dress and black long boots with heels. You can complete this combination with an elegant clutch bag.

You can choose our blue lace-up and long-sleeved midi dress for both day and night invitations. You can complement this stylish dress with a black high-heeled boot and a black stylish portfolio bag.






Kadın Pantolon Kesim Türleri Nelerdir?



Trench Coat and Sports Chic (Please provide a link to these products with a suitable image) One of the most fashionable preferences of the spring season is elegant combinations made with trench coats. You can spend time both with warmth and pleasure in indoor activities in your thin clothes, and be prepared for the wind and rain, which are the sudden surprises of the season. You can combine Setre's stylish trench coat, designed by combining the harmony of pink and white, with a white dec and light-toned boots. You can choose an elegant knitwear product with white, long sleeves and a square neckline as a stylish option that complements your combination. You can complement your sports elegance with white waist-rubber jogger pants. You can choose a large and white sports bag as an accessory that complements your combination. Elegance of Jackets and Jeans in the spring season of 2022, you can choose jeans or shorts in combination with jackets and thin coats.  





The Magnificent Harmony of Trousers and Blouses

Black boots with a high heel in a cream color, with a high waist and trousers with pockets will be in harmony.

You can complement this combo with a black turtleneck, a turtleneck and a drape blouse, and you can also complete it with a black bag with a cross. As an accessory, you can give your combo a sense of integrity with a tiny and elegant earring.





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Ocak 24, 2022
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